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National State Park Information

To make a National Park Camping Reservation- You can use the Reserve America reservation system to make your National Park reservation. More information about Reserve America is on our State Park page.

How many National Parks are there? As of June 1, 2008, there are 391 parks adminstered by the National Park Service (source-National Park Map)

Website for the National Parks - HERE

If you plan on visiting our National State Parks, why not get the Passport book? When visiting Mt. Rushmore I purchased one and got a stamp/cancellation in it! There are actual stamps, kind of like postage stamps, that can be purchased and added to your page(s).

(While moving your mouse over the pictures, they will get bigger)

You get a map of the National Parks and the book is broken up into regions. The book is full of historical information.

My Mt. Rushmore cancellation and stamp -


So far, I've been to one National Park while I had this book. Now, I will stick this book in the RV and be ready for the next trip!

You can purchase yours HERE or at a National Park office.

Check out my National Park Cross Stitch Kits and Patterns!

So far we have Yosemite and Mount Rushmore! You can change the color of the trailer and jeep to make it "Yours"!!

Yosemite Cross Stitch Pattern

Mount Rushmore Cross Stitch Pattern






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